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Poker Sites Accepting Paysafe

Prepaid Card PaySafeCard is a Popular Poker Payment Method

When it comes to prepaid voucher systems that let you spend money online, PaySafeCard is the leading global brand. This is available in 43 countries. You can buy vouchers with predefined amounts (these depend on the currency), and then use a credit-card like 16-digit pin to spend them online. There is a mobile phone app, and online wallet system which lets you combine up to 10 ‘pins’. This is optional, if you prefer to use the vouchers only as a safe way to deposit, this is very simple to do.

PaySafeCard is a global system, though it comes into its own in places where there are restrictions on using your own credit card for poker payments. This is a popular method in Canada, where laws from south of the border lead to banking restrictions.

This guide takes you through all you need to know to successfully deposit with PaySafeCard. First up, the legality of depositing with this card is examined. After that you’ll find the pros and cons, and then a practical guide to getting your money on board.

Is PaySafeCard Legal for Poker Site Deposits?

Laws are country, and sometimes state dependent – so where playing online poker is legal, you are free to use PaySafeCard as a deposit option. Despite the presence of legal poker rooms offshore for US players – this prepaid card system is not available in the US.

Several other jurisdictions have local voucher systems, which are preferred to PaySafeCard poker rooms. These include Paysafe Cash in Mexico and PostePay in Italy. PaySafeCard is owned by Paysafe Group, the same people that own online wallet brands Neteller and Skrill. While this poker payment method is great to use without the need for a bank account, true anonymity is not possible in the world of online poker. When you come to withdraw your winnings, you will be asked for Id. This is part of the responsible gaming policy of all legitimate poker rooms.

Paysafe Poker Guide - The Ins & Outs of Depositing with Paysafe

Security is the big benefit. Several payment options can be used to avoid giving your bank details to the poker rooms – only this one goes one step further. With most electronic wallets, you need to link your own cards or bank account to the wallet system. With PaySafeCard, this is completely avoided. Instead you buy a voucher from a shop or gas station, with cash if you prefer, and then deposit using the voucher number (PIN) which you reveal by scratching off the covering in the same way as a lottery scratch card.

There are other benefits, including the fact that these vouchers are a great way to manage your poker budget. When you bust out (maybe after that final bad beat) late at night, you will not be reloading in frustration. Instead you’ll need to head out and buy a new voucher!

The ability to combine vouchers, and even part-spend them, is unique. You can do this by setting up an account via www.paysafecard.com. This does take away some of the anonymity. If you want to make a bigger payment, this is a useful way of combining up to 10 of the vouchers.

Finally, you are not restricted to making Paysafecard poker site payments with the PINs. These can be used to make any online purchase that you would normally use a credit card for.

What Are the Drawbacks?

You’ll need to find a store or gas station to buy your PINs at. It should not be too hard to find one, with a list of more than 50,000 participating retailers on their website. These vouchers are designed for smaller deposits, and are in fixed denominations. For example, the biggest one in Canadian dollars is just CAD 250. While you can combine the PINS, this is a long way around for getting bigger amounts on board.

Practical Guide – Step by Step PaySafeCard Deposit Guide

I will assume that by the time you need these steps, you have located your closest stockist and bought one or more PaySafeCards. You might even have created and account via either your phone or desktop – though this step is not mandatory.

Next you need to find a poker site which both meets your criteria in terms of games and soft opponents, and welcomes players from your country. Check out our guides to playing online poker in Canada, UK Poker sites and find a list of many others in our main page. All of the main poker brands welcome PaySafeCard, including PokerStars, and our top-rated site, 888 Poker.

Once you have created an account, it is time to head to the cashier. You need to choose the PaySafeCard option, and have your vouchers ready. When you scratch off the surface, you will find a 16-digit PIN. This is in the same format as a credit card, with 4 blocks of 4 numbers. Type these in and confirm the amount you want to deposit. You will have the opportunity to add any bonus code which your site gave you at this point.

That is all there is to it, you can pay in more than one card by repeating this process – or you can head over to try out the different real money games right away.

PaySafeCard is only available for deposits. When it is time to withdraw you will need to look for an alternative. Paper checks, local bank transfers and payments into electronic wallet accounts are all possible. Your location and personal preferences will decide which is the best for you.

How Are PaySafeCards Different from Prepaid Visa Credit Cards?

These services are very similar, though there are some extras with PaySafeCard which make them a better option for poker site payments. First, if you can buy a card in your country, then you know it will work to make a deposit. Many Visa cards get declined, especially in the US and Canada.

Second, the ability to combine PINs (cards) into one using an app or PC account is unique. This allows you to spend part of the amount on each voucher, then combine the rest. It also allows you to combine multiple vouchers to make a single larger deposit. This can be useful if you want to claim a large first deposit bonus.