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Choosing the Best Poker Site for Your Location, Devices and Game Preference

You’ll have a lot of choice when it comes to finding the best poker site. These choices can seem complex at first glance. When you break things down systematically – your options become much clearer.

Your location plays the biggest role in the sites you can join. US players can enjoy legal online poker at offshore sites. Worldwide, there is a patchwork of laws and regulations which mean different countries access different rooms. You also need to think about which devices you’ll be playing online poker on – and choose a site which supports as many of these as possible. When you add in the size of the sites, how tough the opposition are at each one, their bonus offers and how quickly they process your withdrawal requests – you’ll begin to understand just how much variety is out there!

Here are IsOnlinePokerLegal.com you’ll find detailed guides to sorting the best site from the rogue outfits. Check out the guides below:

#1 – US Poker Sites

This page covers the thriving offshore poker sites which welcome US players. All of these sites are legal and regulated in their own jurisdictions – which are mostly nations in the Caribbean. There are plenty of ways to avoid US banking restrictions to safely deposit at these sites. Once you are there you’ll find plenty of cash games, tournaments and novel poker variations too.

#2 – Canadian Poker Sites

If you live in Canada, then you’ll enjoy a contradiction when it comes to online poker. Canadians enjoy some of the most liberal gambling laws anywhere in the world. This makes playing at any site not based in Canada legal. The contradiction is that Canadian banks restrict payments to these sites, due to the legal situation south of the border. This Canadian poker sites guide shows you how to deposit, and which are the best sites to choose.

#3 – UK Poker Sites

In the UK, poker sites are licensed and regulated by the ‘Gaming Commission’. The UK gambling laws are flexible, meaning that all the big international brands welcome players here. With so many choices, it is up to you whether you go for a big poker site with a high volume of games, or choose one of the smaller sites with more fish.

#4 – Australian Poker Sites

After years of having a relaxed attitude to online gaming, the Australian government recently introduced legislation to force out overseas poker rooms. Some rooms have complied with these changes and left the Australian market, while others still welcome them. If you live in Oz, check out this page before you choose a site. It will save a lot of time and trouble to choose a poker room which is committed to staying the course.

#5 – South African Poker Sites

South Africa have legislation banning online gambling in all forms. Fortunately for residents, this is not enforced, and many people still enjoy the games. Some of the biggest poker sites welcome South African players. Check out this page for information on these, and also how to deposit and withdraw.

#6 – European Poker Sites

More and more European countries are regulating online poker. There are two camps as far as how this is handled goes. Bigger countries including France, Italy and Spain have separated their poker players into 1-country pools. Others including the Belgium and Denmark have regulated the licensing, though allow players to join the bigger international pools. This article covering European Poker sites explains all.

#7 – Mobile Poker

It is possible to enjoy real money online poker games without owning a desktop or laptop computer these days. Mobile poker comes in two formats. Some of the biggest brands have created Android and iOS compatible apps to download. Other sites allow you to play via your phone or tablet’s browser window. Not all poker formats are well suited to mobile poker play.

#8 – No-Download Poker

There are many reasons that people do not want to download a poker software client. Fortunately, you can play real money games in your browser window these days. This guide to no-download poker explains the devices, pros and cons and has a mini- FAQ about non-download poker gaming.

#9 – Rogue Poker Sites

Poker is well regulated and very safe. Over the years there have been some scandals, and sites which started off fine, before going rogue. This page covers some of those examples, and also gives you a heads-up on the things to look out for before you part with any money.

#10 – Fishiest Poker Sites

In poker a ‘fish’ is a bad player, who donates money to the games. When you find a poker site with a lot of these players, it can be described as ‘fishy’. If you are looking for profitable games, there are two things to know. Number one, find the fishiest site – after that you’ll need to find the fishiest games within that site. This guide covers getting the most from Fishy tables!

#11 – Easiest Poker Sites

This is linked to ‘Fishiest’ above, though describes a certain type of game. An easy poker game is predictable, where your opponent’s tip you off to the strength of their hand by betting in a certain way. There are more aspects to an easy poker site than just your opponents. This page also looks at sites which are easy to access, and where it is easy to deposit and withdraw.

#12 – Poker Bonuses

With so much competition between poker sites, you really should not be playing without some kind of a bonus deal. Welcome bonuses can look very similar, though when you check the fine print, you’ll quickly find that there are major differences. Ongoing bonuses, promotions and loyalty schemes all need to be taken into account.

#13 – iPhone Poker

You have a choice when looking at real money poker for your iPhone. You can download an app or you can play browser based games without a download. The choice is more or less made for you, with only a couple of the biggest poker sites (non-US) offering iPhone apps. This guide looks at the pros and cons, as well as the best games to enjoy on your iPhone. You will also find an article covering iPad Poker sites here at IsOnlinePokerLegal.com

#14 – Android Poker Sites

Users of smartphones and tablets using Android as their operating system have a similar choice to users of Apple products. Some of the biggest and best known brands do have dedicated apps, though most sites offer Android games via your browser window. There are plenty of good options available, whether you are based in the US, or have access to the bigger global sites.