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Android Poker Sites

Enjoy Real Money Poker on Android Phones and Tablets

No other operating system comes close to Android in terms of the number of users on mobile devices. This operating system has been customized many times by individual companies, though the common ‘core’ means that almost all Android devices work fine for online poker.

Poker games are accessed in 2 ways for Android users. There are apps to install, which are available from the biggest and best known global brands. Most poker sites go a different route, offering Android poker via your browser window.

This page covers the most popular Android devices for real money poker fans, covers the app vs browser debate – and then looks at the different games which are best suited to Android users.

Which Android Devices are Best for Online Poker?

You can enjoy poker via both Android smartphones and on tablets. When it comes to phones, the screen size makes a big difference. While it is possible to play on the smaller smartphone screens, this can be uncomfortable. There is a lot of information needed to play poker. Cards, position, your chips and the stack sizes of opponents – as well as blind levels for tournaments. If you enjoy mobile poker, I would recommend at least a 4.5-inch screen size.

There are a lot of very powerful phones on the market at the moment. Samsung are the leading manufacturer of Android devices. Their flagship S8 phones are more than fast enough to make playing poker easy. You can also play on Motorola phones (owned by Google these days), LG, Sony, Huawei and many other ‘copy’ type brands. If your current phone is not up to the task, it is possible to get a solid unit for $150 these days, even without a contract.

For Android tablet users, screen size is less of an issue. What you’ll need to watch for is that your processor speed is up to the task. New tablets are difficult to compare to those which are just a few years old – technology is moving fast in this area!

Poker Rooms for US Players

Updated October 2021 - The best Android poker sites accepting USA players!
100% up to
  • 2nd Biggest US Poker Site
  • Open to All States
Average Payout Time 2 - 3 days
Accepts Visa Deposits Accepts Mastercard DepositsAccepts Skrill Deposits Accepts Maestro Deposits Accepts Litecoin Deposits
100% up to
  • Poker, Sports, Casino
  • Accepts Bitcoin & Litecoin
Average Payout Time 3 - 5 days
Accepts Visa Deposits Accepts Mastercard Deposits Accepts PayPal Deposits Accepts Skrill Deposits Accepts Litecoin Deposits

Android Poker Guide - How to Play Free & Real Money Android Poker

Android App – or Browser Games?

There are two ways to access online poker games from your Android smartphone or tablet. Installable apps are available from the big poker rooms, while others give you mobile-optimized browser gaming instead.

While there is a debate about which method is best – your location will often be the deciding factor. This is most significant for players in the USA. None of the offshore poker sites welcoming US players currently offer an app. In fact, only one (Ignition Poker) offers any Android compatible games at all.

International players have 3 apps to choose from. PokerStars, 888 Poker and Party Poker all offer installable apps. These are optimized for Android devices, and will make accessing the games both faster and smoother. PokerStars is considered the most advanced app, this gives you access to all the games, and allows you to play up to 4 tables at once. Keep in mind that both 888 Poker and Party Poker offer easy poker games – with more recreational type opponents.

Brower technology on Android devices works really well these days. You’ll get a smooth playing experience, though you will need to wait for the games to initialize each time you log on. I do not recommend playing Android poker where the mobile signal is poor or patchy. Home Wi-Fi is ideal for the extra data required for browser games compared to an app. The advantage of browser gaming is that you do not need to install anything. This saves space on your device, and is less complicated when you are sharing a device (in the case of a tablet).

Ignition Poker’s Android compatible games include their fast-fold poker variant, called Zone Poker.

What Poker Games are Best for Android Users?

As with all mobile poker gaming, these are not the kind of devices that you want to be staring at for 6 hours at a time! This means that cash games and faster poker variations are much better suited to Android devices than poker tournaments.

For me the best game of all for smartphones are the Fast-fold poker variations. Here you start a new hand as soon as you hit fold from the last one. To make this possible players are pooled together and recombined each time a new hand starts. This does away with the time waiting between hands, letting you play up to 4 times as fast. Fast-fold poker is ideal for when you have 10 minutes to kill. Simply fire up your Android phone and you can play a lot of hands.

There are other variations which work well on Android devices. The new lottery jackpot sit n goes offered by several different sites are quick and easy. These games have random prize pools, and usually take less than 10 minutes to complete. You’ll find some interesting variations, including timed version and ones where one player is given a bounty.