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Top 5 Poker Sites with Most Fish

Where to Find Real Money Poker Sites with Plenty of Fish

‘Fish’ is a term almost as old as poker itself. This describes a player who is easily parted from his money. This saying came about due to a strong or good poker player being referred to as a ‘Shark’. There is one more aquatic reference, a ‘Whale’ is a large bankroll player who is not skilled enough to stop donating money to the game.

When you refer to a ‘Fishy’ game or site, this means that there is money to be made! Since poker is all about maximizing your wins, finding the fishiest poker site can be a positive pursuit.

This page looks at how to find fishy sites, how to locate the best tables and then at which specific sites are worth checking out for the most profitable games.

Defining the Fishiest Poker Sites

One big factor to keep in mind is that a shark can easily become a fish. Someone with skills and experience, who is beating a small stakes game consistently, could be considered a shark at their chosen buy-in levels. Take that same player to a high stakes game, and it would be them donating the money to the better players. It is said that the 10th best poker player in the world becomes a fish if she sits down with the 9 players that are better.

When it comes to sites, by definition you need a large number of new and inexperienced players. Some online poker sites become the go-to place to play for experienced players. Usually, these players sit at several tables at once (multi-table). It is hard to win money in those games. Even if you are good enough to beat them, you will not be maximizing your win-rate there.

I like to look for sites which have big sports betting or casino sites attached to their brand. These sites usually list their poker games as an option for those players, which ensures a steady stream of new players to the table. The type of player who bets on sports or enjoys casino games is more likely to be ‘recreational’ (gambling simply because it is fun!) than the more serious poker grinder types.

You should also look at the incentives offered by a site. If players are rewarded for simply playing as many hands as possible, this encourages tight multi-tablers. Again, these games are beatable, though hard to maximize your profits from. Sites which have giveaways, missions and plenty of live event qualifiers can attract more recreational players – making them fishier.

Poker Rooms for US Players

Updated October 2021 - The best Fishy poker sites accepting USA players!
100% up to
  • 2nd Biggest US Poker Site
  • Open to All States
Average Payout Time 2 - 3 days
Accepts Visa Deposits Accepts Mastercard DepositsAccepts Skrill Deposits Accepts Maestro Deposits Accepts Litecoin Deposits
100% up to
  • Poker, Sports, Casino
  • Accepts Bitcoin & Litecoin
Average Payout Time 3 - 5 days
Accepts Visa Deposits Accepts Mastercard Deposits Accepts PayPal Deposits Accepts Skrill Deposits Accepts Litecoin Deposits

Fishy Poker Guide - Finding the Fish Once You Get There

Once you have identified the fishiest poker sites, you’ll need to know where to look to find the biggest profits.

Tournaments tend to attract more recreational players and beginners at all sites. Look out for games with smaller buy-ins and guaranteed prize pools, especially in the weekday evenings.

Cash games are more of a mixture. Some are loose, wild and crazy, others so tight that it is rare to see a flop. Lobby statistics are available at many sites, and will help you spot fishy games. You can see the number of players seeing each flop (on average) and the average pot size. If both are large compared to the average, you might have found a very fishy game. If you do find a game like this, jump in fast – there will be many other players looking out for just this combination of stats.

Fishiest Poker Sites for US Based Players

Two of the offshore sites are considered fishy, for different reasons.

Ignition Poker: This site deliberately discourages pro grinders, by using what they call a ‘recreational player model. Instead of playing with a permanent nickname, which can be tracked by 3rd party tools (to help pros identify fish!), you will play at the tables anonymously. In addition, multi-tabling is not possible here, with a cap of 4 cash games or sit n goes. Ignition Poker are not only the fishiest of the US sites, they are the biggest too.

BetOnline Poker: As part of the big Chico poker network, BetOnline Poker are fishy for different reasons. This site is primarily a sports betting brand. They attract a lot of bets, especially at the weekend. Many bettors find their way to the poker room, where they are often happy to gamble with their wins from sports. This is a smaller site, though the cash games can be pretty wild at times!

International Players: Fishy Global Poker Sites

Outside of the US there are many big sites to choose from. My personal pick is 888 Poker, which keep their games easy to beat in 2 different ways.

First, this brand has a huge casino attached, at one time this was the biggest online casino around. Players that find the poker room from this casino are more likely to be at the tables to have fun and splash chips around. Second, the incentives and promotions at 888 discourage high-volume players and are aimed squarely at recreational players. Check out the tables at 888, I am sure you will notice the difference.